Our purpose is to help athletes achieve measurable improvements in health and athletic performance

FYTT is a technology company that builds high performance sports management software. Coaches at all levels use our platform to create training programs, build surveys, collect performance data, and automate decisions. Through the systematized application of sport science, we help coaches provide the best possible care to every athlete they serve.


Our purpose as a company—the reason we exist in the first place—is to help individual athletes. We want to enable people to become their best selves.

But we don't believe in soft, vague definitions of victory like "being healthy" or "being strong." We promote the establishment of reliable, objective measurements of health and fitness, as well as the design of programs that lead to improvement based on those measurements. Because if you don't measure it, you won't improve it.

To that end, we analyze data and build tools to help athletes follow individualized programs that lead to objective improvements toward their goals.

Our passion is human performance. Our motivation is the betterment of self. Our vision is for every person to follow the path that maximizes their potential and exploits their unique characteristics.


What we hope to accomplish

Harness the power of data to improve the design and delivery of individualized training programs

With advances in hardware and software technology, sports performance professionals have access to unprecedented amounts of data. But data is worthless unless it leads to action. Our goal is to help coaches use data to make timely and informed interventions.

However, our vision of actionable data extends far beyond merely housing, transforming, and displaying information. We build technology that bridges the gap between data collection, decision making, and training execution, and we automate as much of it as possible.

Deliver individualized, evidence-based programs that lead to measurable improvements on a large scale

Professionals who are responsible for large numbers of athletes face a critical problem: they cannot easily provide individualized training that takes into account unique circumstances and characteristics to produce the most optimal outcome for each athlete.

We strive to provide tools that enable the delivery of individually optimized training at scale. Instead of following generic training prescriptions, we want every athlete in an organization to receive programs tailored to their needs and performance goals.

Drive the industry forward and make significant contributions to the sport science profession

We aim to be the most trustworthy and authoritative source in the world on the topic of applied sport science. We don't jump on the latest trends or merely copy what others are doing. We pioneer innovative approaches to fitness and athletic performance.

We are a thought leader that provides honest, authentic leadership. Our unique capabilities enable us to provide insight that no one else has the ability or the authority to produce. And we help athletes in ways that no one else can.