How DST used FYTT to streamline and scale their operation

DST provides top-notch training to athletes of all ages

About DST

Dynamic Sports Training specializes in the development of athletes in Texas and Arizona. They work with all athletes - from youth all the way to professional and Olympic levels. Every coach at Dynamic Sports Training is fully certified with requirements for continuing education. For the past thirteen years, DST has built a team reputation of excellence, integrity, service, and consistency.

About FYTT

FYTT is a sports performance management platform that enables coaches at all levels to create training programs, prescribe rehab, build wellness surveys, collect performance data, and automate training interventions. Through the systematized application of sport science, FYTT helps coaches provide the best possible care to every athlete they serve, bringing game-changing results to athletic departments nationwide.

The situation

Kevin Poppe, co-owner of Dynamic Sports Training, had an emerging issue: DST’s success was leading to rapid growth, and they were having trouble keeping up.

The directors and trainers at all of DST’s locations were struggling to stay on top of their antiquated strength and training management systems. Their outdated spreadsheets made them feel out of touch with their athletes. Kevin realized that it was time to search for a user-friendly tool that would make programming and planning easier for both coaches and athletes.



DST was experiencing serious growing pains, and their existing solutions just weren't cutting it. They needed to modernize their offering in order to evolve.

Manual processes

Nothing was automated, and work was tedious, repetitive, and mundane.

Inefficient collaboration

Data was scattered, and spreadsheets made it difficult for coaches to coordinate.

Spread too thin

Overwhelming office work was taking time that could have been spent with athletes.

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Enter FYTT

Moving to the FYTT platform not only delivered a better user experience and more individualization; it also freed up time for Kevin and the rest of the DST team to focus on their programming to better serve the athletes. Additionally, DST can use FYTT to train athletes remotely, so location is never an issue. No other program has the tools Dynamic Sports Training needs to operate at its current level, and no other program would be able to grow with them like FYTT.

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DST used FYTT to streamline their training operations, allowing them to grow their business and improve the athlete experience across the board.


DST built automated decisions with FYTT and improved speed and quality of programming.


Coaches share knowledge and collaborate to provide seamless training around the globe.


Athletes get more individualized training based on their sport and circumstances.

A "no-brainer"

FYTT has saved us time, and given us the tools to scale an otherwise impossible process to scale. If you’re thinking about trying FYTT, do it. It has been a no-brainer, net positive for DST.

Kevin Poppe, Co-owner at Dynamic Sports Training

Why FYTT works

At the end of the day, FYTT helps coaches and athletes achieve increased performance with decreased injury risk in less time. This is the new standard for science-powered, interdisciplinary, holistic care. Upgrade from strength and conditioning to high performance, and propel your team into the future. Join the growing number of coaches and athletes who train with FYTT.


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