Scalability refers to the ability of a system or process to handle a large amount of work without sacrificing quality. FYTT enables you to design and deliver highly individualized programming at scale to help each athlete achieve their full potential.



Coaches who have tried other platforms often reverted back to their spreadsheets, because they're more user friendly in many ways. FYTT gives you a familiar interface with the efficiency of a spreadsheet, combined with powerful software. This makes program design a breeze.

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Plans enable you to map out routines for your athletes over any period of time. You can create annual plans, quadrennial plans, one month plans, whatever. As you build, everything is automatically scheduled and individualized to each athlete.


Deliver highly individualized training to any athlete, anywhere

Whether you train in person or from a distance, FYTT gives you the tools to reach your athletes and keep them on track. With the mobile app, athletes always know exactly what to do, and you know exactly how they're performing.

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No matter how many athletes you manage, FYTT makes it easy to create and modify programs on the fly so you can adapt to changing needs and schedules. Drag, drop, and edit sessions effortlessly.

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Everything at the plan level filters down to monthly, weekly, and daily routines for each athlete or group of athletes. When it's time to workout, you and your athletes know exactly what to do.


FYTT has capabilities that many coaches have only dreamed of. Program design is a delight, and workout delivery is a breeze.

Automated Individualization

Build programs around key performance indicators, then let FYTT individualize it based on each athlete's abilities.

Automated Injury Modifications

Simply record athlete injuries in the system, and FYTT automatically modifies workouts based on the injured body parts.

Left / Right Exercise Designation

Specify left and right for an exercise. No more confusion about whether a prescription is for left, right, or both.

Derived Key Performance Indicators

Want Front Squat to calculate based on the Back Squat 1RM? Use our default calculations, or configure your own for any exercise.

Flexible Program Composition

Build entire programs at once, or build small pieces and combine them however you like to rapidly compose complex programs.

Workout Database

Build workout templates, then insert them into any context and modify them with ease.

Workout Cards (Digital or Paper)

Use an iPad to get a streamlined view of every athlete's individualized workout or print them out in PDF format.

Group and Coach Assignment

Assign athletes to groups and coaches to automatically distribute the work and break up the workout cards.

Prescription Variance

Keep track of what you've prescribed for every athlete and record when actual results vary from the prescription.

Program for any Modality

FYTT is not constrained to a resistance training framework. You can build complex progressions for any modality.

Remote Training

If your athletes are not physically present, deliver your programs via the mobile app and keep track of their progress.


Schedule entire programs or ad-hoc training sessions, then quickly modify the plan on the fly if needed.