FYTT helps coaches of all disciplines collaborate to provide data-driven, automated training so that every athlete receives holistic, individualized care. Build surveys, collect data, and train more athletes in less time than you ever could before.



The most powerful, individualized strength & conditioning platform in the world


Improve collaboration to provide interdisciplinary, holistic care for all athletes


Implement data-driven training interventions without ever looking at a dashboard

Athlete management systems don't manage anything

Data is worthless unless it leads to action. And let’s be honest: most of the data collected by coaches goes unused. Charts and dashboards don’t make decisions or write programs. You do.

FYTT bridges the gap between data collection and training intervention by enabling you to link specific training applications that occur in response to the data you collect. And since you can automate this logic, your coaching power is amplified exponentially.


In the traditional sense, basic strength & conditioning simply doesn't cut it anymore. Modern sports are dominated by teams that embrace science and technology to provide athletes with comprehensive training in all aspects of performance. FYTT is blazing the trail for the next generation of coaches who adopt a high performance model of sports performance management. Don’t get left behind.



Our cutting edge software has all the instruments you need to compose and orchestrate health and performance masterpieces. Provide the most comprehensive care and the best possible programming, no matter what sport you coach or how many athletes you train.

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Strength & Conditioning

FYTT has the most powerful and efficient online strength & conditioning platform in the world

Sports Medicine

Track injuries, prescribe rehab, and manage return-to-play right along side the S&C programs

Wellness Questionnaires

Create surveys for any metric you want to track so you can keep tabs on all aspects of wellness

Automated Decisions

Build custom logic to automatically assign programming based on the data you collect

Reporting & Analysis

Easily build reports to review and analyze your data, and securely share it with outside stakeholders

Remote training

Deliver highly detailed, highly individualized training to any athlete, anywhere

Designed and battle-tested by coaches like you

FYTT was forged within the fiery furnace of college athletics. We understand the day-to-day grind coaches face, and our software embodies the accumulated experience of the world’s top scientists and coaches who for decades have been practicing and refining the art of applied sport science.

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Born of top-tier athletics

FYTT has partnered with University of Utah to design and build the platform within the Utah Athletics ecosystem. Our software reflects the collective intelligence of the top-tier coaches at the university and their passion to develop world-class athletes.

Ernie Rimer, CSCS, MEd, PhD

Ernie is the Director of Sport Science for University of Louisville and the Chief Science Officer at FYTT. Ernie is well-known and respected for his practical application of sport science and his insanely powerful spreadsheets. We've taken his expertise and turbocharged it.

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Doug Elisaia, CSCS

Doug is the Director of Football Sports Performance for the University of Utah, and he plays a critical role in testing and refining the software on the floor. Doug runs one of the premier sports performance programs in the world, so once he incorporates features into his operation, we feel really good about what we've built.


Experience the software first-hand.

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  1. 1
    Try FYTT for yourself

    Dive in to start writing workouts and building programs. Get a feel for the power of the platform, and see what it's like to implement your preferred style of training.

  2. 2
    Try FYTT with your athletes

    Feel free to do a few test runs with athletes. Ultimately they need to like it, and we give you the ability to feel confident about their experience with the software.

  3. 3
    Let FYTT do the grunt work

    We get it: moving from one system to another and migrating your content can feel daunting. But don't sweat it. We're happy to help you with onboarding if you want.

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FYTT allows us to provide an unprecedented level of individualized service to all of our student athletes. Our coaches are able to spend less time programming (sets & reps) and more time serving the student athletes.

J. Aggabao, Santa Clara University
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Time management is such an important part of the S&C field. FYTT has helped us tremendously. Less time spent repetitively writing training programs means more time for everything else, which improves the service we can provide to our teams.

Alex Wetmore, Westminster College

Case study: Dynamic Sports Training

DST was experiencing serious growing pains, and their existing solutions just weren't cutting it. They needed to modernize their offering in order to evolve.

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Achieve increased performance with decreased injury risk in less time

FYTT is a high performance sports management platform that enables coaches to deliver data-driven, individualized training to athletes at any scale.

Our software integrates the power of athlete management with the most capable, efficient strength & conditioning management system in the world. Professionals of all disciplines can collaborate to write programs, prescribe rehab, build surveys, collect data, and automate training interventions.